The Big Buffet & Catering

Bermuda’s best selection of fresh daily
choices that residents love to eat! ermudian
and Caribbean cuisine with international
options from Asia, India & the Mediterranean.

The Big Buffet

Visit our huge selection of freshly made buffet choices for the best Bermudian cooking that locals love to eat! Dishes range from seafood and lamb, to beef and chicken dishes, lots of vegetables, delicious sides and desserts. We have Cassava Pie every day and Bermuda Codfish & Potatoes on Fridays and Saturdays. In addition to the local dishes are:

In addition to the local dishes are:

Caribbean selections such as Oxtails, Curry Goat, and Callaloo Rice.

Italian selections such as Pastas, Lasagna and Stromboli.

Indian selections such as Biriyani, Chicken Tikka

Additional selections include Greek, Mediterranean and other European items


Have an event coming up? Let Freddie’s take care of the catering! We make it easy for you – various sizes of great tasting foods. Custom choices? No problem. Select from our menus? Just as easy. Need delivery of the whole thing with a special cake, ice cream and the works? Sure Thing! Speak to any of our catering chefs on duty every day. See the catering menu here. Ask about custom orders!

Enjoy home style cooking without the kitchen cleanup! Our menu has something for all tastes and every family member

We provide comprehensive catering options for every event.

There’s More!”

Grab & Go

At Freddie’s, we’ve got you covered too with Pot pies, Johnny dogs, ready-made sandwiches, and fresh fruit cups. Our Beverage Bar has hot and cold drinks, coffees and smoothies made on site.

Glaze Bakery

Glaze Bakery is also onsite with cakes, fresh bread, pastries, ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies and other goodies.

Visit Glaze official site

For custom orders, contact us directly

Tell us about your order including number of people, dishes you want etc.

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