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Mr Butterfield

I’m retired. I buy the stuff I want and I always see my mates down there. It’s nice to catch up.

S Smith

I don’t eat meat anymore. I like that every day there are several options for vegetarians. I get the Vegetable Loaf, the vegetable pasta, and the vegetable noodles all the time.

Mom Of Three

There is no Glaze outside of town. My young ones like the Glaze pastries and ice cream at Freddies. Saves me a trip into town and I can pick up our dinner right after practice at PHC.


I work over the hill. The food is well. Lots of stuff and they change it up. We slip down there lunchtimes. Me personally, I dig the ribs and their macaroni and cheese – the cheese crust is just right.

A Pearman

I get the Johnny Dogs and the Pies. It can get busy but the place is so big and the service is quick.

Yard Boy

Yo… Goat, Oxtails and Curry! Ya got me! I‘m here on the regular

T Simons

I drive a big truck. Parking is easy. I get good food and I’m in, out, and back on the road fast.

M Trott

I drive all the way from the East End to come to Freddies. The food is good, just as good as what we make at home. But we don’t make no Fried Rice, Curry Goat, and Chicken Tikka in my house. I can get everything I want from Freddies. The people are nice and the food is delicious!

D Lightbourne

My mom loves the Cassava Pie from Freddies. She says its no need for her to do all that work in the kitchen when Freddies can do it for her.

Linda Trott

I Find the staff here very friendly, helpful and they keep the buffet neat, topped up and the food is hot and tasty.